Tr SonicYouTopia is the Creator of the Music Box line of Shipping Container Immersive Audio and Film Production Boxes.


Tr SonicYouTopia is the Creator of the Music Box line of Shipping Container Immersive Audio and Film Production Boxes.


The Problem that TSY is Solving.

Problem Statement: The rising costs of real estate, construction materials, and labor associated with building recording studios have created financial hurdles for industry professionals. Specialty materials used for acoustic isolation, diffusion, and absorption, alongside increased labor costs for installation, have substantially inflated construction expenses. Moreover, the standard equipment packages utilized in traditional recording studios have become more costly. Studios with smaller footprints require fewer materials and less labor, exacerbating the cost disparity.

Solution: To address these challenges, we propose leveraging repurposed shipping containers as the external framework for efficiently sized recording studios, termed “Music Boxes.” These containers offer cost savings compared to traditional studio construction methods, due to their smaller footprint and the downsizing of recording equipment. Modern digital recording equipment, such as consoles, has dramatically reduced in size, making it conducive to installation within a Music Box. These portable and affordable studios can be transported to any location, offering versatility and practicality.

TSY’s proprietary technical innovation of a noise cancellation system, developed by TSY’s Acoustic Designer, ensures that Music Boxes can operate loudly internally while maintaining quiet exteriors, enabling them to be staged in close proximity without audio contamination. This innovation opens up possibilities for various applications, including deployment on film and TV sets for real-time editing and post-production work.

Moreover, Music Boxes can cater to a wide range of needs, from recording and distributing church services to providing a platform for music lessons, rehearsals, and educational programs in schools. By introducing Music Box Studios to high school districts, students can develop essential skills in recording, editing, and mixing music, preparing them for careers in the entertainment industry. With endless possibilities limited only by imagination and budget, Music Boxes represent a transformative solution to the challenges faced by the recording studio industry.

When Pro Tools arrived Analog Multi-Track Tape Machines the size of large washing machines stood in the corners of Control Rooms and died of loneliness. As Engineers, Producers and Artists made the transition to DAW’s there was no longer a need for large frame analog desks such as a twenty-foot wide 80 input SSL Console. That is a big footprint requiring a Control Room of substantial size. The door was open for smaller, more efficient studios and production facilities. It would take decades for the Recording Business to open their eyes to the cost effective, flexible, elegant solution of the Music Box. But that day has arrived. As it turns out Digital Workstations sitting on terraced work surfaces such as the JSX Immersive Audio Desk fit perfectly in 8-foot-wide shipping containers. Game on!!


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